eSmart™ Compute System


eSmart™ System on Module

  • Quad Core
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8GB eMMC Flash
  • OS: Linux / Android
  • The SoM (System on Module) is the computer embedded in your product

    Some example of how we use the SoM can be seen in our own projects such as:

  • eSmart™ Customized baseboards
  • eSmart UIoT™
  • Custom Designed for Your Product

    eSmart™ Customized Baseboard

    The customized baseboard can be designed to your specifications to fit size, cost, and I/O needs of your specific product.

    Created for commerical mass production

    The eCM system was built from the ground up to support commercial production vs. the hobbyist solutions that are currently available. The advantage is a cost effective solution without unecessary size and I/O for your particular product, leading to a better, lower cost fit.

    Other Projects

    Universal IoT System

    Air Quality Metrics

    end-to-end IoT Solution


    Dual SIM