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Count on eSmart Tech, the leading printed circuit board design, to deliver extraordinary technological solutions that can help catapult your company to the pinnacles of success. We have an experienced and diverse team of engineers with expertise ranging from hardware and software to firmware and manufacturing. We work closely with you to ensure maximum transparency and collaboration to make sure your product has an expertly designed circuit board that meets your product requirements.

We engineer it, you own the work as if you did it yourself

With a world class team of experts who has a combined 44 granted and 10+ pending US patents, eSmart Tech has been making great strides in the designing, development, and engineering of extraordinary PCB solutions. Our distinguished personnel combined with our cutting-edge manufacturing capacity and rapid prototype development gives us a distinct edge that allows us to bring your prototype to market in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

Our competency and experience in devising original ideas has earned us a solid reputation as the most renowned printed circuit board design company. When it comes to printed circuit board design, engineering, and manufacturing, you can only rely on the experts.

To get started with building exceptional PCB design engineering solutions, or talk to our engineers, get in touch with us today. We'd be more than happy to assist you!

Here is how eSmart can help you design, develop, and manufacture your product

Circuit Board Design

Our industry-leading PCB design team will handle simple to the most challenging board designs. Whether it's one layer, or 16 layers, we have the expertise to handle it. We can work with our in-hose mechanical design team, or even another team of your choosing, to make sure your board is designed to mate perfectly with it's enclosure, and meet your end-product specifications that your customers will appreciate. eSmart is one of the leading circuit board design houses with the fastest turn-around time.

Printed Circuit Board Design | eSmart Tech
Printed Circuit Board Schematic | eSmart Tech
Circuit Board Schematic

Without a schematic, there is no PCB. It's the map of all the connections and parts on your PCB. Our engineers will work with you to understand your product specs and your vision. We then get started on designing the circuits and laying out the schematic. The schematic and PCB are designed together to make the final design files which are sent to a PCB manufacturing house to make the physical boards. eSmart will also handle dealing with PCB manufacturers for you so you get the best price - with none of the hassle.

Circuit Board Panelization

When your device is ready for mass assembly and production. eSmart's PCB design team can panelize your PCB. Panelizing allows you to optimize the assembly process and increase production output. This allows you to cut cost and save time. We can panelize a new or existing design for you - including working with the PCB manufacturing house for you.

Printed Circuit Board Panelization | eSmart Tech
Printed Circuit Board 3d Model | eSmart Tech
PCB 3D Modeling

All of eSmart's PCB are created using accurate 3D component and PCB modeling. This allows eSmart to work with our mechanical design team to manage physical size constraints and component clearances to catch issues early in the design process. This gives you a detailed look into how your device will look when assembled together.

RF PCB Design and Tuning

Does your product need Bluetooth, WiFi, or Cellular? If so, you're going to need an engineering team with RF experience. eSmart PCB designers are experienced in delivering robust RF designs to market. We also offer in-house RF tuning to make sure your product performs at it's best without having to outsource to a RF lab. This allows you to cut expensive cost associated with RF designs. eSmart can also deliver certifications like FCC at very competitive pricing so your product is compliant and ready for market.

RF Printed Circuit Board Design and Tuning | eSmart Tech
Printed Circuit Board Engineering | eSmart Tech
High-Speed PCB Engineering

If your design requires high clock speeds and fast data rates, you want to make sure you use engineers with experience in high-speed PCB design. High clock speeds require special attention to trace layouts and PCB specifications. If your design needs DDR memory in your design or your product needs to drive a HD display, we have you covered.

Bill of Materials Management

Your PCB is going to require parts. Leave this tasks to our team of engineers - we will manage your BOM for you. eSmart will do what's necessary to find you the parts you need at the best price. Paying too much for you current BOM? Send us your BOM and we'll take a look to find opportunities to cut cost or source parts. Every PCB we design comes standard with a bill of materials that you can use to manage your product.

Bill of Materials | eSmart Tech
Circuit Simulation | eSmart Tech
Circuit Simulation

New products usually require some level of research and development. At eSmart we leverage tools like simulation to make sure we get it right at a low cost. We can simulate circuits and their function without buying a single part or making a PCB. eSmart also has rapid prototyping capabilities with a full R&D lab to work out your design before starting your PCB design.

eSmart is ITAR certified and can handle product compliancy for you