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Engineering Services

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eSmart Tech has an experienced and diverse team of product engineers with expertise ranging from hardware, software, firmware, to manufacturing. We work closely with you to ensure maximum transparency and collaboration to provide you with the product engineering services you need.

Here are some of the product engineering services eSmart can provide to help you design, develop, and manufacture your product

Circuit Board Design
  • Circuit Design and Analysis
  • Digital, High-Speed, and Analog Capabilities
  • Multiple Embedded Microprocessor and chipset Platforms
  • compliant designs - FCC, CE, RoHS, etc
  • Full Bill of materials and cost advisement
  • 3D model of PCB design
PCB Design Services
Mechanical Engineering
  • We can design and produce your enclosure or product
  • Provide mechanical drawings
  • Injection molding and CNC services
  • Advise on material selection and cost
  • Circuit board and enclosure design under one roof
  • 3D print prototyping
Mechanical Services
Circuit Board Assembly
  • Large and small assembly options available
  • Exceptionally low cost options available
  • Automated pick and place machine placement
  • Lead and lead-free assembly
  • SMT and Through-hole assembly
Learn About Fox Tech Assembly
Software Engineering
  • Experienced in multiple microprocessor platforms
  • eSmart can develop code for your new or existing project
  • In-house testing and debug
  • Reverse-engineering services available
  • Experience in HD Displays, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, & more
  • All programming is done in-house at our San Diego office
Software Engineering Services
IoT Platform
  • Ready-to-Go Reliable End-to-End IoT platform
  • Modularize design (with multiple Software Development Kits (SDKs) allowing quick customization for your product
  • SDKs support for wide range of microprocessors, Android and iOS
IoT Services
Mobile App Development
  • Have a sleek modern app made for your project
  • Team experienced in iOS and Android development
  • Adobe XD user experience designs provided
  • Apple Store and Google play app launch assistance
Mobile App Services

eSmart is ITAR certified and can handle product compliancy for you