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Engineering Services

eSmart Tech has a phenomenal team of in-house engineers with a broad range of expertise in embedded system and major mobile platforms. We work with our customers to provide world class innovative solutions via rigorous engineering practices.

The Design Process

The Idea

Product Concept

  • Market analysis and research
  • Risk assessment
  • Architecture and specification development
  • Initial testing and proof of concept
  • Rough bill of material cost estimation
  • Product Roadmap
  • Design and Engineering


  • Specifications are determined for final product size
  • Schematic is built using the latest tools available
  • Identification of circuit board requirements
  • Printed circuit board is deigned in conjunction with the schematic
  • mCAD

  • Overall design specifications for final product look and feel
  • Mechanical and enclosure design in conjunction with eCAD team.
  • 3D rendering design of the product
  • Software/Firmware

  • Design software logic flow diagram
  • Develop code and debug
  • Develop test cases
  • Test and revise code
  • User experience development
  • Prototype

  • Small prototype batch of PCBs built and tested
  • Rapid prototype 3D printing of mCAD enclosures to test fit and modify
  • Small production batch of enclosures build and tested after verification
  • Final product manufacturing plans are designed and tested
  • Software/firmware goes through pre-production testing
  • The Design and Engineering step is revisited as needed until everything is perfect
  • Delivery

  • All final production plans are sent to manufacturing
  • A small production batch is built. The process is tested and modified as needed
  • Product is capable of large production, ready to be built and shipped