Universal Internet of Things

With our vision, UIoT™ (Universal Internet of Things) was born.

UIoT™ is a patent pending, smart translator system that allows any existing apps (independent of OS) to communicate with all IoT devices.

It contains Built-in Machine Learning for assisting end users intelligently.


Cross-protocol Translation

IoT device Virtualization

Encapsulates the complexity of multiple-to-multiple IoT protocols interoperability.

Plug-in design allows for easy addition of new protocols as needed.

eSmart UIoT™ Security

Security Concerns are the top barriers for IoT buyers

UIoT™ System & eSmart™ IoT Platform allows users to access ALL of their IoT devices securely

Provides firewall-like barriers between Internet and IoT devices

Built-into the Architecture of eSmart UIoT™ System making it secure and efficient.

eSmart UIoT™ System

UIoT™ seamlessly allows IoT apps to control ALL IoT devices regardless to IoT protocols & Wireless communications